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Really would like to see more sharper/slender/angular features for the elves in BG3. Also otherwordly almond shaped eyes! Hopefully this is addressed in some ways before the full release. As of now they just look like regular humans with pointy ears in my opinion. Doesn't look like elves at all for me.

Looking forward to getting this game!

DnD elves have ( mostly ) always been "short skinny humans with pointy ears", so your preference wouldn't really fit.

Not sure where the "angular elf" even originated. There were a number of "angular" character images in 1970s and 1980s fantasy art, but that was artistic style more than the race depicted. Maybe it was Warhammer that drove the trend, wanting to have something distinct.

Personally, I always think of elves as Tolkein depicted them, but the Norse mythology that spawned the light elves and dark elves is a bit blurry on details of appearance, so I guess you can think of them any way you choose.