I don't think I had contributed to that thread yet, so here is my +1 (to the original post, and probably most of what was said before).

I had been wondering when it would get promoted to mega-thread. I don't know if there's a hard rule for this. But it certainly seems fitting.

The original title was fine. Party movement is dreadful, horrible, impractical, annoying, maddening, frustrating ... phrase it the way you want, but to put it mildly and with British-levels of understatement, it is not very good.

Larian, please :

a) Acknowledge that the current system is bad. You may have people internally who are enamoured with this system, perhaps in good part because they created it. But I think this thread demonstrates that there is a vast majority of players who dislike it. I would generally say that I don't want the game to be made by referendum and I'd rather see a game developer implement their vision. But UI-and-controls are not an area where Developer's Vision really applies. I fail to see why you would purposefully want to keep obstacles between the players and the real game.

b) Come up with a better system. Take 2 years of EA if that's what is needed. If really you cannot allow the drawing of a selection box in the main screen (Explore World screen), at least make it possible to easily select subsets of the group, and select-all. The good old Ctrl+click on portrait, together with a single button (with hotkey) to select all, would already go a long way.

Naturally, the concept of "selected character goes to designated spot and group follows one selected character" should go. It should be "selected group moves to designated spot". While there, party formation are a most natural thing to add.

Hoping we'll be able to create great assumptions-free Custom Characters and be given great roleplay options.