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Having limited inventory space =/ survival games

It is a staple of the survival game genre so many now associate it with that genre even though many other games have it in some way.

Tbh I think weight is all we need for there to be a limitation in inventory and just that they should update some weights to be more... correct. Cause as things are right now I can carry around multiple barrels with no penalty on a character with 8 strength. I tend to not like limited slots cause it starts to feel like everyone can carry the same amount or it adds a tiny bit of padding in having to drop things off at a stash whereas just having weight restrictions allows you to feel like your fighter or barb can really carry a lot and that maybe the wizard should just stick with scrolls, still having the need to manage your inventory occasionally while not causing anyone to be forced to spend a long time in the inventory screen micromanaging stacks to try to get the most out of what can be carried.