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My only gripe with the process rn is I'd like a a few more instances of small communication like this announcement, even if it is just "we are still working on that next update" with random tidbits sprinkled in, maybe someone dedicated just to social media and once a week showing the thing being worked on. Even if it doesn't actually make us more involved, it would allow people to feel more privy to how the game is turning out.
Cause otherwise everything is fine and this is an Early Access game that is clearly being worked on and showing they are considering the feedback given AND with the world being the way it is and the events at larian, it would be a wonder if updates were very fast, especially cause productions like this take a lot.

Totally agree with this post, generally everything is fine and the game has been impressive from day one of EA. Some kind of regular communication is missing, I am sure that the upcoming stream will be be worth watching but it makes us EA players feel that we are not worth communicating with, only potential new players are worth the effort.