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While it's good to hear news, I'm not going to jump onto the happily exultant band-wagon.

It's good to see news; It's LONG overdue. This patch NEEDS to bring a LOT to the table, needs to DO a lot, and needs to do it WELL, if they hope to restore even a portion of tester's confidence in their competency, and their capability of running a useful EA.

It's good to see news; how much they bring, and what they bring, will tell us how much of a start they can make on crawling out of the hole they've sunk into.

Completely unrelated: thank you for being one of the few people of culture online who still knows how to spell "a lot". I can't tell you how many times I've seen "alot" and "allot" on some forums. It's disgusting ( I teach English part time, so it drives me nuts). All this to say that your post made me a happy camper today. Thank you, Niara!

first off larian doesn't "owe" YOU anything!!!
Before you write anything about my grammar, I already know it sucks!!!
I'm not very good at typing. If like me you paid the $ 59.00 for early access, than you should know just that...It's EARLY ACCESS!!!
hopefully they fix a lot of the bugs in the game before addressing other issues. ESPECIALLY!!! Romance which shouldn't be in a game at all.
sure man I agree they should keep us informed, but I'm pretty sure and be willing to bet that something has happened to cause the delay in communication.
Let's leave behind the puerile antics and let the doggies and children whine.

DayVlad: Why so angry, dude? Please, relax first of all. You're making zero sense in those first 3 sentences. But yes, Larian DOES owe us "something": the moment we payed 60 bucks, it owes us all a finished game roughly by the end of 2021. End of story. Now, we can discuss the specifics of what, how, when, and how often.... hence Early Access. So, Niara is not wrong.

Secondly: I was not referring to you when I made a comment about spelling (not grammar, by the way), but clearly that hit a nerve with you. Like I said, I teach English on the side, so if you have any questions about grammar, I can give you a few pointers, bro. laugh