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There's a gap between literal and what they showed us at the moment.

About combats it's not D&D with reasonable homebrewed you could have arround a table... It's homebrewed combats with D&D's spells...

I would be fine with this if :

- this game wasn't named Baldur's Gate 3 because this name gives me a feeling of "realistic" (in the reality of the FR) classic fantasy combats, not classic Larian WTF combats.

- they didn't make all this show with WotC arround the game (in their videos/events). This let me thought about a D&D game, not a new kind of D&D RPG with a massive Larian layer upon it.

- they didn't claim to implement the rules as faithfull as possible first then tweak what doesn't work in a video game.

If you look at the game now, it looks like it's nearly all D&D that doesn't work according to them...
I can't believe that it wasn't a lie because seriously, something is wrong everywhere.

(Reactions, healing/food, advantages, weapons range, time management, rest, action economy, diping, barrelmancy, inventory management/height, jump and movement, conditions, monsters skills, poison, ammunition, grenades, magical items,.....)

Even a +1d4 fire damage sword without diping or +1/2 arrows ? Seriously that doesn't work in a video game ?

They can do what they want with their game but at the moment I feel cheated a bit (but maybe I'm just stupid/naive).

I probably wouldn't have bought the game yet if they had another communication about it.

I feel the same. Many of these things could be fixed, but mostly I am mad at myself, for paying for something that if I had done any research on, I would have seen I should not yet purchase.