As a trans nonbinary player, I'd really like to have the option of being addressed by other characters with they/them pronouns and not be misgendered. Basically, I'd like the option to immerse myself in my own character and hearing she/her or he/him immediately yanks me out of the game for a bit. The ability to select your pronouns in the character creator would be a welcome addition.

Given that a player can choose from any voice regardless of appearance or make female characters with fabulous facial hair, it seems like an option that should naturally be offered. Not to mention that you can already choose who you're attracted to and be as straight, bi, or gay as you want, so this game is already inclusive of some queer identities. I'm not even asking for non-binary npcs or lore or any in game exploration of gender (though I certainly wouldn't complain if a nonbinary or genderless npc were to cross my path). I just want to play a character that's immersive for someone like me.

Wizards of The Coast has also stated they want to make more of an effort to include trans and nonbinary players and this would be a HUGE step in the right direction that would make a world of difference to a lot of people (I know this is Larian Studios, not Wizards, but it IS their IP and uses the mechanics, races, lore, etc from DND5e). If I can play a nonbinary warlock halfling in DND5e, I would like to be able to do so in Baldur's gate 3 as well.

It's becoming more and more common for people to come out as nonbinary as social acceptance increases and more game development studios are beginning to include the option. Supergiant Games had a nonbinary god in Hades and allowed you to choose your pronouns in their previous title Pyre for example, which I just bought for that reason alone. Times are changing and nonbinary people buy and play video games too. We deserve to see ourselves in video games as much as any man or woman. For a long time, it was incredibly rare to be able to play as a girl in games too, but look where we are now ^^

Before people come after me about this, remember that a, this is a suggestion. B, Most of you have a veritable smorgasboard of games to choose from and see yourselves represented and c, it's not something that would be forced on anyone, but for trans non-binary players like myself simply having the option would make a world of difference for us and our gameplay experience, not to mention our overall mental health.

Some people experience tremendous dysphoria (think opposite of euphoria) when their characters are addressed with the wrong pronouns. I've actually had to set down games where it's a self insert type of MC and my character get misgendered too often because continuing to play worsens my dysphoria and depression. I know this echoes the experience of a lot of trans gamers.

I feel having the option is especially important in a title like this where one of the main selling points of the game is that you can play the type of character you want and choose from a wide variety of different playstyles and backgrounds. I know at least 3 other enbies who have their eye on this game, but are waiting for the full release before purchasing. On that note, having more diversity in body types would be a welcome change as well. Fat, slender, buff, younger, older, scars, etc.

There's not too many cutscenes where you get addressed with pronouns at all thus far, so I'm hoping this would be a relatively simple change to implement before the game gets too much further along in development and would require more changes. Even if it wasn't implemented til the game was nearly ready for full release, I feel it would be easier to design later if devs keep it in mind early on. I know it would require a few rerecorded lines from voice actors and changing pronouns in subtitles, but it wouldn't require any additonal animations or character models and it would be a huge selling point for nonbinary gamers like myself, so the extra work would pay for itself.

I hope Larian Devs at least read this and give it some serious consideration as it seems like they've been doing with the feedback. They're a great studio with a passionate team and a small change like this would mean the world to nonbinary people. Larian Studios has a real opportunity here to make a meaningful and positive impact on the lives of a significant chunk of their players and increase the audience who will even pick up the game in the first place that I'd hate to see them pass up.

If you're a cisgender ally and want to support trans people, echoing this suggestion really helps us to be seen and heard for consideration. I hope the more people speak up and ask for the option, the more likely it is for the devs to see it.

P.S. I'm not interested in a debate about the validity of trans people's gender or desire to be represented in games. DO NOT HARASS ME OVER THIS. If I see people start in with whining about "political correctness" or screeching that SJWs are ruining their video games by wanting an OPTION to be included, I will hit that block button so fast. I've seen a lot of thinly veiled transphobia and dogpiling of the few other people who've made the pronouns suggestion and I'm honestly pretty scared to make this post as it is.

If you disagree that people like me deserve to be included in video games, I can't and won't bother attempting to change your mind, but please take a deep breath and hit the back button. I'm not attacking anyone, demanding anything or looking for a fight