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I feel the same. Many of these things could be fixed, but mostly I am mad at myself, for paying for something that if I had done any research on, I would have seen I should not yet purchase.
Ok. However even if you did like I pay for this 60 euro (or 60 to 72,73 United States Dollar since you are in USA) it is not so super much money for us. Well you do have "ok or fairly much" money like me I do know that. If you want to talk about money you can do I here:
Discussion about real life, TV series or movies

Anyway I do want that they do this game better as you want. It is also for me not has good as BG1 and BG2 was for me at least yet:

Yes I do like the graphics and music and main story in BG3, but it could be more better.

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