* - Cambions as a playable race.
* - Possibility to play with a character somehow related to one of Demon Lords (my favorite is Graz'zt, maybe as his follower/warlock or cambion Spawn of Graz'zt?)
* - Maybe some calmer start to the game, before the action with the ilithid invasion of Neverwinter and a tadpole in the head begins. Something that would give the player and character time to get used to everything.
* - 6 party members.
* - Day and night cycle.
[b]* - Possibility of having a different color of the eyebrows than the hair color (if it is not there yet, and someone wants to play someone who resembles Daenerys Targaryen).
*[/b] - Necromancy school.
* - Separate name and surname (you can leave the field blank), thanks to which team members and friends call us by our first name, and strangers, e.g. Mr. Highcliff.
* - More face options.
* - More race/culture based dialogue options.
*- Multi-Classing.
* - The option to choose a religion for each character, not just a cleric or paladin, and to include the Archdevils and Demon Lords in the deity list, not just a few gods.
* - The emergence of known characters as NPCs. Like Drizzt, Elminster, Jarlaxle, Artemis Entreri etc. And mentions of what happened a hundred years earlier during the adventures of the Child of Bhaal.

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