Opening with your first paragraphs in bold print, and making multiple denouncements against the reader as "you" (Did you just presume my gender? Yes, in fact you just did.) and as intrinsically other to yourself are not good ways to communicate with an audience. It makes you come off as aggressive and demanding, and more than a little bit immature when you add to it by threatening to block commenters that feel contrary to your viewpoint, and insisting that only people who agree with you should comment at all.

Block me if you like, but please read that bit first.

Nb-identifying individuals are not visible on sight, despite the way several high-profile streamers of D&d content seem to be in the mind to portray. I find it incredibly jarring and immersion destroying when, for example, the party approaches a brand new NPC that they've never met before, described at a distance with neutral pronouns, and the party all, in universe, just start addressing them with those neutral pronouns as though they can all see it and know it telepathically. THAT's immersion-breaking... especially when they do this just specifically for the pre-flagged Nb characters, and not for anyone else; they don't treat everyone as neutral until informed otherwise - they just somehow 'know' that these very specifically individuals are. It would be just as immersion-shattering in this video game as it would be anywhere else, for all brand new NPCs that you met to automatically and telepathically know your preference and reference you as such from the get go. There is no practical way to implement this option that will not be more immersion-breaking than not having it at all.

If you get upset by someone making a mistake about you, to the point that you have to expend energy and effort to ensure that it never happens around you, and that you need to nope out of media where it happens... that is personal. That is on you. Get your mind and spirit to a healthier position before attempting to change the world around you.

Now, like it or not, this is politics: maybe a time will come in our world where it is not considered so any more, but right now, it is, and Larian have already made it clear that they don't want political discussions of this nature on their forum, so I am not going to get into this any further.