Transphobia is not an opposing viewpoint and social acceptance of marginalized genders is a civil rights issue, not "politics." It's no more political than being antiracist and saying Black Lives Matter is politics or being in favor of gay Marriage and against homophobia is politics. Misgendering is actually a crime in Canada and legallly qualifies as harassment and discrimination in US Workplaces and Schools. You're only proving the need for my disclaimer at the end. Also, once again, this mechanic would be completely optional. If it's immersion breaking for you, don't use it. But remember this is a fantasy setting in an entirely different world. It's also not uncommon for people to address those whose gender is unknown with they/them pronouns. People do it all the time without realizing.

For trans people, being misgendered is far more immersion breaking and compounds the trauma they face.

It was a long post and I knew not everyone was going to read through everything, so I highlighted some of the key points I was trying to make first. Not sure how that's agressive. Also, the only people who would be upset by my last comment are transphobes and people engaging in harassment or openly against including trans people. I don't have the mental or emotional energy nor obligation to sit here and debate my existence with you and if you find that aggressive and immature then I'm sorry, but it's not my problem. I merely stated my boundaries and explained that I would use the block button in order to keep myself safe and emotionally okay. Blocking other users is a safety measure, not a threat.

The only reason anyone would be upset by a completely optional mechanic to include a specific population of people and let them be themselves is transphobia and that is not a problem I can or need to help anyone fix.

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