The biggest issue constantly brought up is communication if needed hire someone specifically to ask questions and relay communications to the community. IE) A face to interact with people between big announcements like most bigger companies do.

While I myself really want something solid added at this point due to constant push backs on real content being added communication comes first. I do think the classes should be a priority and like most people I would like to see the party size expand to 6 though that is less of an issue than getting the classes in currently as well as getting more races/sub-races in as that allows us to pre-occupy our time with trying different class and race combinations. As well as mercenary options to expand on different race/classes outside the default characters sooner that is added the more people can be side tracked with building different parties and toying with content while other things are worked on.

I would like to see some random encounter content as well with random loot drops to diversity what kind of gear and weapons we can get because this would keep us busy as well.

1) Classes / Multi-Classing.
2) Races/Sub-races
3) Mercenaries / Improve Animal Companions Feature
4) Party of 6
5) Random Encounters / More Loot Options / Passive Progression.
6) Starting Gear Options / Ability Score Roll Options.
7) Options in multiplayer to swap out player characters when they are not online for Companions or just in general if the player wants to swap that character out.
8) Coloring options / Dyes for gear and armor / Color your Dice.
9) Story Progression additional levels
10) Romance / Cinematic Clean up (Most Games in the genra are purely text so waiting on cinematics / Romance plot flesh outs are very low on my personal priority List).

That would be my personal preference in how they work on things. I am perfectly happy with the current combat system outside minor tweaks to fix things like wizards casting healing spells and being able to swap weapons without an action being required. I am sure there are people would disagree but I think that is the order priority should be place to tune balance and allow for optimal customization while the story and additional areas of the game are being worked on. Thinking of giving people things to do to keep them pre-occupied and appealing to the majority of the audience still waiting to see there favorite classes enter the game even if we do not have all the subclasses out the gate at least getting 1 in for each class is a nice starting point. Your appealing to a much larger audience that way quicker and just expanding on the existing class from there. Again that is my perspective on priority however I am sure there are people would disagree. I am thinking of it from a majority perspective in how I would approach it to get as many people involved and occupy as much time as possible while other areas of the game are worked on like story which takes a lot more time and thought to develop and tune.