One more thought before the thread implodes like a neutron star, but "Two Spirit" concept would be an ideal way to term it. I think it just has a better ring for a D&D game than other comparable terms. There might be some criticism of that too, but probably insulated by the "hey, at least we tried" argument. Plus dungeons and dragons and BG specifically have already appropriated pretty freely elsewhere, Druid tropes come to mind. But thematically and structurally (in terms of the UI presentation) I think that would work well. Since the Male/Female choice is just a gateway to head/hair models or basic phenotype for the animations, having a third option that provides everything makes sense. It would be a nice nod to conventions that are being adopted by contemporary style guides or dictionaries to include the pronoun at the end, but just from char creation standpoint it would be cool to have a mode that opens every field. I can't see it hurting anything. So when you enter the first prompt Male/Female you could highlight an option Two Spirit, the last would just give the player freedom to select the phenotype and tell the game how to reference the avatar in convo.