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Also aren't the games some people want labelled survival rpg's. Why not just stick with those? I heard Outward was decent. I've been curious about it myself actually. I've noticed alot of arguments are simply for realistic survival flavor.
I like having a variety of games to play, so don't tell me to just stick with survival games. :P I get enough of that from the FO76 anti pvp types trying to tell people like me to go and play other games when it is supposed to have pvp and pve. I do play SCUM a fair amount, it is also an EA game with a lot of promise. I mod games like Skyrim with survival stuff and my current DnD game uses common sense, which apparently is being called "survival elements" nowadays I guess. smile I have Outward, Deadside, and DayZ but haven't had time to play them yet. Valheim looks interesting as well.

BG3 was supposed to be based on 5e and there are some survival elements or realism or common sense, whatever you want to call it there. I would be fine with having these things as an option only, but how it is now just seems a bit ridiculous to me. Regardless of having this or not, the inventory system needs some serious rework.

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Having limited inventory space =/ survival games

It is a staple of the survival game genre so many now associate it with that genre even though many other games have it in some way.
The funny thing is BG 1 and 2 had limited inventory space but no one seems to be complaining about that. smile
Weight would make more sense to use for this game than inventory slots I think.

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