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Enough already with the delaying tactics. If you've got an update just release it, not all this other bluff. This game has been in EA for nearly five months now and nothing new has been added. I think Larian have placed themselves in a terrible position here, in a grab for more funding they have sold a game as EA that isn't even at the demo stage. I personally think all of us who have parted with our hard earned should be made full partners in this game and treated as such since it would appear we are bankrolling it. This new update would need to be very good but somehow I think all we are about to get is a patch if the last one was anything to go on.

"This game has been in Early Access for too long, and despite the world going through a devastating epidemic, holidays, and companies having to shift their entire industries to work from home, I am selfish and want this game released NOW. I don't care if the Dungeons & Dragons team is excited their biggest and most beloved franchise/game series is being rebooted and wants to host an event talking about it. I am entitled to become a full partner of this game and company because I purchased it."

I do not need you to translate my words, if you wish to make a comment of your own then by all means do so. I did not mention pandemics, holidays or companies having to work from home those are your comments don't try to project yourself through me. If you have something to say try to do it like a grown up not an infantile child. I'm addressing issues like "value for money", 'good service' and many more. If the issues you raise are pertinent then the company should have delayed the early release of this product. I strongly suspect you are a company stooge sent into the forums to slap down anyone complaining about the poor service. It seems to be happening a lot on this forum.

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