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@TheBlueFaery yeah gender is not a social construct. The pronouns are. You are born either male or female. Trans literally means transformation as in you physically and chemically changed your body through a medical procedure. You can believe whatever you want, but biology and anatomy is very clear. Also don't equate spirits and religion to your social construct. I am no stranger to religion, spiritual history, mysticism, and cultural history. You are really barking up the wrong tree and I'll leave it at that. What a predictable topic. Insulted twice now first black people are hellspawn and now religion and spirituality is now trans inclusive against all evidence to the contrary historically. Religion and spirituality of all things. Bet mods will still go after me too. I'm out. No good will come of this.

While I indicated many issues with the OP's notion, I sure as heck am not going as far as you did. A person can identify any which way they want, and I won't contradict it.

My point is, absent any information to the contrary, pronoun references will be based upon an individuals observations of another person - appearance, voice, dress, carriage, gestures and such.

Once informed that their observation based assumption is not correct, some individuals may respect that, while others might not.

In the specific example I identified, an orc or goblin won't give a damn how you self-identify- unless it is as "breakfast" , "snack" or "unpaid labor".