Just to add my 2 cents.

I dont really enjoy survival games like Long Dark, Subnautica, Minecraft etc... however personally i really like RPGs like Dragon Age, Witcher, Pathfinder, Elder Scrolls, Baldurs Gate, Kingdom Come, Gothic, Fallout and all of those have more than a couple of elements like inventory complexity, in depth crafting, traps, no infinite arrows, alchemy, weight system etc. Im not saying these all should be part of BG3, just that i agree that some of these would make sense to be included in the game.

I like when a game throws you these challenges (some of these as an option you can switch off if it frustrates some people) and these make the game tougher at the beginning but you have multiple ways to overcome them by playing the game more (building your char to a certain way, pick a companion who can help you with that, meet certain npc, buy/found certain item, join certain guild, do certain sidequest, any of these to accomplish your goal). That's basically Larian's motto so the more systems they give me the more i will enjoy this game. I understand thats not everybody's cake but i want to be able to at least customize my playthrough to be more in-depth at full release.

Im patient and hopeful Larian will add some of these, as these can really add more flavour, especially to a 100+ hours game where at certain times you need to detach from combat a little bit. I think making certain proficiencies and classes more use by adding some outside-of-combat activities would be also a big + for single and coop play too. Its a cool feature if party members can contribute to the team's welldoing not just via spells but other class/skill specific ways, like hunting, cooking, singing, crafting, polishing weapons/armor etc. so you feel its a team and you help each out for your common goal. Again, im okay if these are set up to be skippable on normal difficulty and you only need the extra buffs coming from these on higher diff, i usually play on higher diffs anyway. This is a little like in the Witcher where you have some complex systems you dont need to touch if you are running on normal diff and you just want to enjoy the story, but you have the option to use those if you want more tactical play and immersion.