So, I think this is the area to put it. I just wanted to throw a couple of suggestions for races/subclasses out here, A.) Because these are some of my favourites and I really hope they get added, B.) I am hoping to see other people play around and experience them (I don't play a lot of dnd but I really love it) and C.) I think that these are really cool and they can add some great encounters that can help shape more unique experiences within the world. Now, without further ado, the races:

Deep Gnome:
Ok, so, this is assuming that Gnomes get added in. Deep Gnomes are really cool little guys that will help encourage thinking about the stealth aspects of the game (stone camouflage, I believe it's called). Also, Deep Gnomes already exist within the world and we can see them in-game! Though, this might work as a detractor because they are supposed to be rarer and if you see one within the character creator it would make rescuing the Deep Gnome from the windmill seem less extraordinary. Though I feel that because they are rare, this could greatly add to their uniqueness as more races are going to be surprised by seeing them, this would also boost the existence of races hailing from the Under-Dark that would have special interactions with the Drow. Deep Gnomes likely have a history with the Drow as Drow are typically conquerers and subjugators, this would give different options for interacting with Minthara and her crew. (As an aside to this, I would like to see if there can be some DIalogue options with the Drow turned to stone by the Beholder in the Underdark. They really interest me and I was hoping they wouldn't be hostile to my Lolth-sworn Drow, but alas they were)

So, I must admit that this one is quite selfish. I have a character concept that I want to play as but haven't had the opportunity. Aside from playing my College of Valor Goblin Bard who is terrified of everything and everyone but sings the songs of heroes to give herself courage, Rosemary Blackthorn, I also think that Goblin would just be more fun to play as. It would add more interesting experiences when interacting with the goblins who are worshipping the absolute. Currently, you get special interactions from playing as a Drow, someone who is usually high on the totem pole, but imagine playing as a Goblin, you certainly won't be intimidating them because you are a Drow and therefore usually someone to command them, but instead you are a Goblin, someone who is a grunt and is sent out to do the dirty work, you could earn a name for yourself (maybe Minthara might even let you live, provided you take none of the glory). Additionally, tons and tons of Goblin assets already exist in the game, so it would most likely be easier to implement into the game than some of my other suggestions.

This one is also a more selfish suggestion. Kobolds are my favourite race to play. They are so small, and almost dog-like but with reptile bodies. I just think they are extremely cute and would love to see them. I understand if they don't get added, it might be a lot of unnecessary work to add in the textures and try and find a place to fit them into the world, it wouldn't be very easy. I love them though so I will still try for an argument. Kobolds might be found to be working with groups such as mountain dwarves, being the natural miners that they are, and have a faction who are basically mercenaries that work by night. I also just now realise that Sunlight Sensitivity would be a thing so another detractor for many people (though this might be an opportunity to allow the different shadings of light affect gameplay. Meaning the clear, lightly obscured and fully obscured settings). It would be difficult, still, I would be doing a disservice if I hadn't tried.

I saw some whispering that this might be coming because of a book next to Bex. I very much enjoy Tortles, and one of my Tortle characters will actually influence one of my subclass suggestions. Tortles are great for having an inherently tanky character on the front lines. I love them. They would also be a good way to have some special areas that can only be accessed by certain spells or races, I am thinking of watery areas here. Maybe there is a location that is hidden underwater, you wouldn't have to include more verticality here, but there could be an opening/door system that can only be gone through if you are under the effects of a water breathing spell or you are playing a race/class that has specific water-breathing or breath-holding abilities.

That is all for the races. As you can probably tell, I have a preference for the smaller races, I think that they are tons of fun and really cool! I hope someone will read this because it's a long one and there is even more to go! Now, onto the subclasses:

Circle of Spores:
This is the one that I said was influenced by my Tortle. Though, I feel that there could be somewhat of a legitimate argument for this. The myconids that we meet in the Underdark likely would have some words to say if they met a druid that was connected with the circle of Life and Death, one whom also had the ability to use spores. They might feel more inclined to treat this druid with respect, giving them a gift or maybe teaching them a new spell. Or, perhaps someone like Glut would see them as a usurper, someone who can be used an immediately turned upon when they have done their service. Circle of the spore druids are also relatively new and it would prompt players to look outside of the player's handbook to find things, which I think would be awesome!

Oath of Redemption:
This one I also feel like could have a strong argument. Oath of Redemption paladin focuses on the rehabilitation of foes, rather than the destruction of them. It would be awesome to see some moments specific to Oath of Redemption where a villain who was previously unable to be talked down, is able to because you are just so adjusted to helping people along, this could open up new story pathways where a former enemy, might just be there to help you out, provided you keep helping them along the path of redemption. This is the one that I am the most excited about, and if you ignored anything and everything else but this, I would be a happy, happy man. This subclass would also emphasize the going the pacifist route, which I've recently tried and find it to be rather difficult. I bring up the pacifist route because it seems like something that Larian Studios wants to emphasize as an option and make it available (I gather this from the "Inspiration, Freedom & Pacifism" community update). Again, I would highly suggest adding this in, it can be tons of fun and might even add a few really enjoyable moments to the game!

School of Necromancy:
While watching the Panel from Hell 1 video in anticipation of the Panel from Hell 2 video, I saw that the Creative Director seemed to want people to try the more nefarious route, and I am sure that the School of Necromancy would boost the want for people to do this. I don't know if you already plan to add it, you are including a good amount (if not all) of the content from the Players Handbook, but just in case you weren't. This is a great one. And, it doesn't necessarily have to be for an evil character, perhaps some of the more radical, nature-infused minds of the world will recognize necromancers as upholding a vital part in the balance of nature. This could also be an argument for the Grave Cleric subclass which I also would not mind.

Final words: I love this game, and I really hope to see plenty of unique interactions and a variety of gameplay options. If you are only reading this part because the rest is too long (I don't blame you) I want to refer you to the Oath of Redemption part, that is the one that I want to hammer in the hardest, I think that it can be tons of fun and that it would add a great deal to the game! I love you all.

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