Don’t get it - Larian made it abundantly clear this was early access - they even said that it may be better to wait until full release if that was an issue for some. We knew the price & whether or not you agreed with it you paid it ... knowing what you know.
We are game testers & supporters of what we hope will be a successful game - me personally I’ve had my $60 USD worth already.
But how can you complain when you knew what you were doing ????

The game is a work in progress & so long as there is progress then that’s surely what matters - don’t pay your money and then whinge about it not living upto your view of a fully completed AAA finished title.

Heck this game in its current state is miles ahead of many “finished” games...

Let’s hope this weeks panel keeps the momentum going & gives some more meaningful upgrades/enhancements to look forward to in the upcoming patch.

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