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Please have Mr. Crawford explain how they are going to prevent Ranger from being one of the dump classes of BG3, and if Ranger will be changed in 6E or will remain obsolete like it is in 5E.

Why do you consider the Ranger being a dump class? I'm currently playing an Elven female Ranger Knight and she is a tank surprisingly enough. And I will re-roll her once the update is available. I'm just hoping that they fix a lot of the bugs for the Feats and weapons which is one thing that has been needed since the beginning and hopefully add some more gameplay as well which would be nice; like letting us go to maybe Level 7 for example.

wonder if we'll be able to see a recap of the announcement as I don't get off work until 8 am as I work 3rd shift.

I don't know about dumpclass but right now, the Rangers animal companion they get at 3rd or 4th is lack luster. It's level does match half the rangers and has flat stat creatures along with all the different types stats being all over the place.

I did hear that pnp Ranger 5e was pretty boring and Larian homebrewed some stuff in bg3 for the class, what that is donno.