Who is looking forward to the next panel from hell? Personally, I'm hoping that Larian has read and understood our criticism. The goblin path needs a lot of work. There is no good incentive and no good rewards. Even the hag is able to give the player 1 attribute point. The absolute should be able to do the same, and even more.

The good path has Halsin, and the Tieflings as NPC's to carry the story and maybe appear later on?

The evil path has a Drow girl that tries to kill you on the next day. And nothing else. I was expecting my camp to fill up with slaves and servants in the evil playthrough, as opposed to a good character who would gather friends and supporters. Just like it happens in Star Wars Knights of the old Republic.

Keep hoping that Larian doesn't turn the evil playthrough into "murder everyone because of greed and because you can" playthrough. What we have currently is very dissapointing. The evil playthrough needs to reward the player with interesting characters and reveal interesting information about our companions, just like a good playthrough would. Gale doesn't talk a lot if you choose to side with the goblins, but apparently if you save the tieflings, he's revealing a lot more about himself.

There needs to be content for both sides, without favouring one above the other. The current companions are supposed to be "evil" yet the only one that really enjoys the goblin path is Astarion. Even Shadowheart just gets drunk at the party and doesn't open up herself.

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