I don't get how some people could be so harsh on a game which is still an Early Access.

Don't get me wrong, the game is nowhere near what it should be right now, it's all over the place in many ways (spell scrolls for all classes, lack of class flavor, gimmicky DOS mechanics in regards to advantage on higher grounds/backstab, overabundance of useless loot, I could go on for way longer but you get the point).

Yet, Larian showed us they cared (even a little) by reducing surfaces a bit and tuning things asked by the community, which is a good step in the right direction.

I really hope they get enough constructive feedback (and there is plenty on these forums) to continue tuning the game and making it closer to what a D&D based video game should be.

What devs don't need though is people just bashing and complaining for the sake of it. It's an early access. You don't like it ? Provide constructive feedback. You just want to crush devs ? move on, there are plenty of other games to be played much to your taste.