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Even a +1d4 fire damage sword or +1/+2 arrows ? Seriously that doesn't work in a video game ?

Ofc they can do what they want with their game but at the moment I feel cheated a bit (but maybe I'm just stupid/naive).

I probably wouldn't have bought the game yet if they had another communication about it.

You're level 1-5. You don't start seeing magic weapons in 5e until the end of that level progression at the earliest.

Whatever, in BG3 you can dip, you find item that grants poison to the weapons of your heal's target, you can find tons of fire arrows and potions... If this work to Larian, a single fire sword should work too.

Thats actually one of my major issues. 5e is a low magic item assumed environment. To have all these random bonus effects, it really throws everything off.