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I’ve been pondering the significance of Jeremy Crawford joining Larian for the Panel from Hell this week. Since he’s the principal 5E rules designer at Wizards, why do you think he’s been invited for this panel? It could be they are wheeling him out to explain why 5E rules don’t need to be translated to a video game faithfully? Or perhaps they’re going the other way and leaning more into 5E so he’s there to explain how they’ve worked hard in 5E on the action economy and balance and Larian are moving to emulate that?

it will be defensive for sure.

"We're thrilled with how BG3 is progressing", etc, etc. There's no way he's going to say "Actually..." lol

I hope you’re wrong but I doubt it. He has a keen eye for the rules and I’m sure he’d like to see them given a chance, but he’s also the first to say play it however you like at your own table.

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