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@spectralhunter: I'm not sure that Larian would have to "give SS more bonuses to compensate for lack of cover". As you mentioned,
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I suspect we haven't seen SS yet because Larian is well aware of how powerful it will be with advantage
With easy advantage, the feat is too powerful. Larian (if they change height bonus to +1 or +2) should just remove the "negate cover" aspect of sharpshooter and I think the feat will still be relatively balanced?

I definitely agree with you that Larian shouldn't keep height-advantage and have SS give a + to hit.

Agreed but if Larian decides to include SS, then they need to provide another advantage of some sort. I just brought up bonuses because one part of SS is essentially bonuses. SS negates half and three-fourths cover which is kinda like you said, a bonus (tomato/tomahto) in certain circumstances.

Ironically, height advantage IS basically sharpshooter. From what I understand, advantage rolls are roughly +4 to hit (less as the AC goes up) which seems to roughly coincide with SS negation of cover. Basically everyone can get partial SS for free if they stand on a box.