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Your information may be better than mine, Pathfinder may now standalone. My source for Pathfinder pays WotC a percentage of sales was someone who sounded confident on a forum smile

I don't think this is true, though I have no proof. Pathfinder was as far as I know based on the 3.5 SRD, which was free.

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At your table the rules can deviate as much as your group wishes.

The license is for the Forgotten Realms.
Isn't the license also for the non-SRD rules? Most of the subclasses, all the feats except for Grappler, etc? E.g., the only Fighter SRD subclass is Champion, so the license allows Larian to use Battlemaster. This is especially relevant since Larian wants to give the players options, and Champion Fighter is the complete opposite of this...

It is and it isn't. Mechanics like subclasses and feats and such are in a very grey area, legal-wise. I don't think there's a lot WotC could do if somebody were to recreate the Eldritch Knight subclass or the Lucky feat, for example. But the IPs and trademarks are much more legally "tangible" if you get what I mean. They're defensible and easily recognisable. They're big selling points.

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