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Panel from Hell 2 will also unveil the ways Larian is meeting the challenge of BG3, along with a peek at newly improved cinematics, Tieflings, spells and cows, oh my! And wrapping up the show, we'll be live streaming the latest content from Baldur's Gate 3's biggest update yet.

Quietly optimistic that the best parts in the patch are being kept secret for a whack from the surprise hammer during the live stream...because cinematics and Tieflings don't seem to be the most pressing issues that need remedying. I'm hoping for some real substance here not just shiny cosmetics. Fingers crossed.

If its just cinimatics and more tiefling cosmetics I think ill be looking for another game to play because honestly the lack of new content has been extremely depressing so far. Every other game out there is adding new content so far we have gotten nothing at all and really not impressed with the lack of new content Games that have been out less time have added new content and improved bg 3 has added absolutely nothing so far honestly the panel has to have something wow or else the game is pretty much going to toilet.
It's the 1st chapter of the game in EA, not a Live-Service Game. They said from the start that they aren't going to give us more than the 1st chapter and the whole team is working both on building the rest of the game and implementing those suggests and fixes to our part of the game. If you're not ready to wait for a new dose of content then EA is not for you at all.

I do agree with you for the most part but there are in fact things like bugs to the feats and the weapons for which have been there since day one for which haven't been addressed and taken care of as of yet. Hopefully these bugs will be taken care of this time around it would make the EA a lot better than what it is.