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Panel from Hell 2 will also unveil the ways Larian is meeting the challenge of BG3, along with a peek at newly improved cinematics, Tieflings, spells and cows, oh my! And wrapping up the show, we'll be live streaming the latest content from Baldur's Gate 3's biggest update yet.

Quietly optimistic that the best parts in the patch are being kept secret for a whack from the surprise hammer during the live stream...because cinematics and Tieflings don't seem to be the most pressing issues that need remedying. I'm hoping for some real substance here not just shiny cosmetics. Fingers crossed.

It's the 1st chapter of the game in EA, not a Live-Service Game. They said from the start that they aren't going to give us more than the 1st chapter and the whole team is working both on building the rest of the game and implementing those suggests and fixes to our part of the game. If you're not ready to wait for a new dose of content then EA is not for you at all.
Well said, Zellin. 100%.

Its not additional chapters they also stated additional classes and races ect would be added I could care less about full story line release however it would as per there own video they stated that additional classes / ect would be added throughout early access. And the content is already there its just not accessable which has been determined already by dataminers on the game. You compare early access vs other early access / beta content games in comparison the 2 other games in the same genra have added 5x the additional content during early access with a smaller staff. However making 0 content improvements over a 5 month period during early access is kind of lack luster when you compare the amount of staff they have vs the amount of staff present in other games in the same genra. Fixing bugs in chapter 1 with cinematics making 0 changes over a year and not communicating anything is just a poor example of developer mentality.

Not saying Larion will but you compare it to other great games that have had similar chains of thought. Star Wars the Old Republic which at its core was a much better developed game from the perspective of MMORPG's than wow when it came to content failed to do the same thing went under the game did add additional content because of the brand but they basically threw the game in the toilet after they failed to respond to people asking what was going on with content. Other games have had similar issues. In this case its not as much of a technical issue with the game as it is a very small amount of content with nothing to keep you busy with that content currently. Adding classes which would be perfectly reasonable way to keep people occupied trying different things without expanding on the story. Is also a good way to make sure your content is working correctly during beta testing as well. Changing a couple of cinematics to be more polished is less of a way to make sure a game is hitting its key notes than actually providing necessary content to make sure all of your content is functional especially over a 5 month period. You can look right at pathfinder and solasta which are the 2 games in the same genra of play both of which came out the same time or later than Balders Gate in comparison the amount of content they had added to keep people invested in the game is much higher than the amount of content that Balders Gate has had added.

Not to say they dont have there own issues but at least the developers are communicating the issues present in those games currently and working to resolve them. If you posted on there forums you would have a response the same day for majority of issues vs balders gate which has much less communication and effort from the developers to acknowledge the issues currently being faced.