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Also on a side note more problematic issues like core mechanics not functioning correctly is a much larger issue than the way asterion or shadowheart flirts with a character as an issue. Most games in the same genra cinematics are of much lower importance than core mechanics to how the game functions. Making a game pretty is far less value than making it functionally balanced.

Find out tomorrow if Larian agrees. smile

(Lets go Oath of Conquest, I need my Paladin in game!)
I really hope they agree. Being that all of this is was announced right before Valentine's Day makes me rather paranoid.
Oath of Conquest would be nice, unfortunately it isn't PHB. frown

Yea, I was just going to say, I can see Larian doing the PHB classes and sub-classes before Xanathar's or Tasha's. Been a while since I played the game, but will be restarting after the new patch to see what they've got. I'm not really into playing evil characters, so the current companions are kind of "eh" for me.