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So at the end of the day we are left with "coming soon". May I humbly ask what does that mean? Give us a date. For Bogs sake Christmas will be here soon. I think Larian have misread the mood out here.

They’ve not misread the mood - they’re very aware that we want a release date. They’re not stupid, they won’t commit themselves to a date until patch4 is ready. It’s sensible, look at Cyberpunk.

So why make a pre patch announcement if the patch is not ready and they want to wait until they've got it right? If its not ready simply don't annouce it easy. I don't agree with you they have totally misread the mood if they think this is accepatable. The mood is we are sick and tired of these silly games, it you've go a patch, and notice its being called a patch not an update, then just release it. But perhaps you can educate me when exacly is soon, if your waiting for someone to pick you up is soon next week or perhaps next month. Such stupid game play from a company that actually makes games. There's no game here we are just the ones being played.