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So at the end of the day we are left with "coming soon". May I humbly ask what does that mean? Give us a date. For Bogs sake Christmas will be here soon. I think Larian have misread the mood out here.

They’ve not misread the mood - they’re very aware that we want a release date. They’re not stupid, they won’t commit themselves to a date until patch4 is ready. It’s sensible, look at Cyberpunk.

The problems with CyberPunk are problems with the final, release-version of the game. Patch #4 for BG3 concerns only the BG3 EA. Quite a difference. CP never did an EA--even though the official completed game has turned out to be an EA release, apparently...;) BG3 is much different. My own personal opinion is that an EA for any AAA game should not come a year or more before the final version ships, because it compounds the already acute problem of selling an EA game for full pop in which only the first 10%-15% of the game is ever released under the EA. It's not really an EA of BG3 at all, it's an EA for only the first chapter of BG3.

Anyway, if I heard right about smaller, regular incremental patches coming every 14 days or so after patch 4, that's good news! If that happens, then we're cookin' with gas as the flint and straw have been dumped...;)

Last, about the "Presentation from Hell II" yesterday, I have to honestly say I did enjoy the edge-of-my-seat drama of the cow munching on the hay, and Swen clanking around like the Tin Man on the Yellow Brick Road, and constantly yelling in an attempt to overcome the failing mic (which garbled the speech so that it was unintelligible at times), along with the Tiefling male discussing revolutionary new gaming features such as "loaded dice"...I particularly enjoyed the plastic ears all around...and then my mom called that supper was on the table...(j/k)...;)

I'm never wrong about anything, and so if you see an error in any of my posts you will know immediately that I did not write it...;)