I've seen it come up a few times in this thread, but I disagree with the argument that RTwP is a better fit for D&D because it matches what playing D&D SHOULD be like. People claim D&D is only turn-based because, at a tabletop session, real time is impossible because everyone would be shouting over each other and nothing would ever get done. They then go on to claim that, what Gary Gygax really wanted in his heart of hearts was an immersive real time game, but had to settle for TB, and through the magic of video games, we can finally grant Mr. Gygax his wish.

That may be entirely true, I don't have a time machine to go back and ask. But for me, the D&D I fell in love with and would like to see recreated in a video game is TB. It was designed with the knowledge that it would be played in turns, and thus was optimized (through its action economy) for TB play.

You can see this with PF Kingmaker. It's a great game that was designed very well, but there's simply no getting around the fact that the Pathfinder ruleset was not designed to be played in real time. Things like extra attack, reactions, or a smite don't work when everything's happening at once. I don't care if it is closer to "the true spirit of the game", it's not how the ruleset was optimized, nor how I have grown to love playing it.

So, for me, any video game built using existing tabletop rules really needs to be TB. The only RTwP games that I could really get into were ones designed from the bottom up with the mechanic in mind, like DA or PoE.

At the end of the day, I don't care if the original designer of football really envisioned the game set in zero gravity and played against velociraptors. As awesome as that sounds, when I pick up Madden, I want to play the game as a I've seen it on TV, and played it in the backyard with my buddies.

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