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You can see this with PF Kingmaker. It's a great game that was designed very well, but there's simply no getting around the fact that the Pathfinder ruleset was not designed to be played in real time. Things like extra attack, reactions, or a smite don't work when everything's happening at once. I don't care if it is closer to "the true spirit of the game", it's not how the ruleset was optimized, nor how I have grown to love playing it.
Fair enough. But other people have a different idea of how D&D should play in a video game, myself included. For me, the ruleset doesn't matter that much and it is the game-playing experience I get from my video game that matters. And that experience is waaaaaaay better with RTwP. This is also why I am very strongly in the camp of those who do not care if a developer changes/modifies D&D rules in a D&D video game or adds in house rules. If rules have to be changed/modified to make the VIDEO game-playing experience better, that's exactly what should be done. And at the very top of my list of D&D rules that are part of the tabletop D&D experience but which are horrible in a D&D video game: TB combat.

Thats why the guys from owlcat implement BOTH... TB and RTwP into Pathfinder. They listen to Feedback. And by the way since this cant be toggled on off whenever you want, it results in having RTwP for trashmobs and for some realy tough fights you can go TB.