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Why are all the classes either gay acting, high-voiced men or snotty, hard ass women? I am a long-time woman gamer (age 67) and I would like a deep voiced, handsome male as a romance companion. Are all the devs gay men who hate women?? And now the new class, Druid, is a woman!! I'm not gay and do not want a romance with another woman. What is wrong with you people? Why isn't there a sexy, male like Ifan Ben-Mezd for us straight women players? I've quit playing the game as I am disgusted with the companions!!!!!!!!!

Oh my, am I really observing a worthy great True Woman? On an English forum as well?...

Lady, you are so right, you have my respect, I am a male, and I, as well, so much, understand your point, as it works exactly the same for straight normal males: I want a cute and beautiful woman companion, whom I want to protect and have a potential romance relationship with, but now who do we have - ugly wannabe dominant aggressive ugly gith fighter and rude arrogant aggressive cleric. But, what we can do, it becomes more and more politicized and twitter-mob-approval-seeking, only few games don't go this route nowadays, and this is sad. But, there are always good old games to re-play (for example, DOSII you mentioned). You have my respect, lady, and even if you are 67, you have a fiery young heart. Cheers.

Relax guys. It's just a fashion and it is already becoming boring. Just play Witcher and you'll find exactly the classic 'strong hero'/'damsel in distress' trope teenage girls are fond of.

In fact, I somewhere read some talk about including Minsc. But I don't remember whether it was datamining or just speculation. And that 'nightsong' character also looks quite nice, but she might be an enemy.