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More faces for male woodelves. All faces are weird looking, besides 1.

In general the non-humans are waaay too human. I can't even handle playing a Dwarf or Halfling in this game....they just ain't right....

Really? I thought the dwarves and halflings are pretty well done. The elves definitely could look more otherworldly.

And the humans need new faces. I don't know about anyone else but I am not impressed with any of the human aesthetics, male or female.

completely agree. quite frankly they just need to incorporate sliders into the character creation. I personally am not completely happy with any of the faces (and there are like 2 that I am ok with but they are for a race I dont want to play) and I hate that my character looks like a random npc that was let into this group of amazingly beautiful, unique looking characters. My character looks out of place imo and I dont have the tools to make them into a completely unique character.

the fact that there could literally be an npc in someone's game that looks exactly like my custom character does not sit right with me. I would so much rather be able to use sliders and actually customize my character than have 500 scanned faces that I dont like to choose from. I just want the creative freedom to actually be able to make the character I want to make.

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