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Plus one for the good berry jam selling. Could become a mini game for BeeBee other thread (mini games in camp)
Adding the goodberry jam making mini-game to that thread, you are right hehe

With all the cooking utensils that we find in the game, we could get new cookings options as we bring them back to camp. Not to mention the over-abundant food items.

Various companions could take turn preparing dinner in pairs. I'm all-in for Gale and a Druid PC, who could prepare a goodberry panna cotta. Gale could transmute the cheese into milk. Or we could simply ask the Druids if we can milk their cows.

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Do the Druid's Goodberries rot if you won't eat them immediately ?

I'm wondering if a Druid with a sense for business could set up a small stall in the Druid Grove, near Trader Dammon and Auntie Ethel, to sell Goodberry jam, Goodberry pies, etc. I think Gale is a good cook, so he could prepare those from the Goodberries.

That would be an excellent way to make some extra gold with the companions that you don't need in your party at the moment, instead of letting them lounge around at camp all day while the others do the hard work.
As long, of course, as the Goodberry jams and pies are balanced out with a proper cheese selection. Maybe befriend some druids, milk them in cow wildshape, etc.

Getting to that level of intimacy with the druids ... sounds like a different mini-game altogether. Then again, we can spend quality time with Abdirak (for players who are into this kind of quality time), so why not ?