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Okay, my turn:

"As a mature cheese wheel lover who just got here a month ago I'd like to denounce the blatant Cheeseism of the developers. Are all the devs lactose intolerant vegans? What is wrong with you people? Apples are overrepresented in the game in many varieties, while cheese is significantly harder to come by. And now, instead of expanding the range of cheese recipes, they introduce the Goodberry, A FRUIT. Are you kidding me? I don't want to eat more vitamins! Why isn't there a proper grilled cheese sandwich for us cheese lovers? I've quit playing the game as I am disgusted with the food!!!!!!!!!"

You might not be looking hard enough. I think this game has way too much cheese, especially cheese with things like mushrooms and firewine. It's nearly limitless. I worry there's so much, the devs won't be able to remove enough of it. Though maybe I'll be surprised by patch 4.