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I do think we will get more uh masculine companions in the future. I am genuinely and whole-heartily hoping we can recruit non origin companions (that are not generic DOS:II Mercs) so we can get a real variety. They don't have to be as in depth as the origin ones but there would definitely be a possibility of some of them being stronger men types and some being "hunks" (and for those who prefer the opposite, more magical inclined females because I have seen that requested before). Essentially, I am hoping Larian gives us a varied and large cast to play around with so that most people are happy.

As I said, I somewhere saw a model of Minsc and Nightsong. I think it was even on these forums or on GoG.

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You clearly didn't read the Witcher books. [...]
"sweeping Triss off her feet and kissing" not because Geralt is ultra-chad, but because they have a very long relationship and story (in books), and in the game you have the opportunity to make them a couple, as well as with Yenn, with whom he is bound by Wish.

Chaotic, they are going to a *mask ball* to supposedly rescue a noble. Triss becomes *drunk* while they are on a life and death mission, they flirt and get tipsy. They even take their masks off, although they are supposed to be 'undercover'.

Let's simply agree that the games and the books are entirely different. Have you even seen Triss' so called "undercover" outfit? grin

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...that caters to them will be successful. If it doesn't, it will be unsuccessful. It's as simple as that.
Look at TLoU2, at what BG3 becomes, some other popular titles, to whom they are catering? Hmm? While factually (links above) commenting against White males. You know why only against them they dare make such statement, on the West. "It's as simple as that.".

Ah, and what good did it do? The Last of Us 2 got review bombed, Life is Strange 2 failed completely. The designer of Vampire Bloodlines was maybe even fired because of something like this.

There is a simple rule for basically every single successful book, movie and game, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Pride and Prejudice, Romeo and Juliet - they are *always* the old, classical revenge and war stories, set in a completely ultra conservative world. Because that's simply what people like to read.