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Ah, and what good did it do? The Last of Us 2 got review bombed
Really? This is official 2020 Game of the Year... while Ghost of Tsushima, for example, is not.


Now TLoU2 has Metascore 93 (had 96 at some point) - from where? User Score 5.7 - clearly "adjusted" and not true, it was much much lower.

Ghost of Tsushima has Metascore 83(!!!) while User Score is 9.2(!!!), same as GOW (2018 GOTY), and it lost to TLoU2 garbage.

By real users it got honestly reviewed, but by "woke" game-jounalists and twitter it got praised. And, won GOTY. And what else developer who thinks about money and "good twitter publicity and reviews", but not players, need? Indeed.

And, it is quite disgusting how you try to just put some of the greatest stories with so many details, unique universes and characters to narrow "duh they are just old revenge and war" label, in mere disrespect... "set in a completely ultra conservative world"... To so disgustingly try to humiliate unique universes such as LoTR universe, which is absolutely unique (for its time) and free realm, that gave, for your information, base for Dungeons and Dragons universe BG3 is built on... disgusting.
TLoU2, by your logic is, as well, under the label of "revenge and war" story, but, seems like your argument shattered, and people didn't like it. But there is a great story, in the same universe - TLoU1, and it is indeed a great game, so your argument about "completely ultra conservative world" is shattered as well. Go read some books, before disrespecting the great.