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To an earlier mention of Minsc, who is our big n strong but not bright, beloved ranger, doesn't he hate Vampires so would he hate Astarion and have a similar dynamic that Shadowheart and Laezel have where the two hate whatever makes the other happy?

Maybe you will be forced to choose between Minsc and Astarion like you were forced to choose between Keldorn /Valygar and Viconia.

About the mentioned books: Lord of the rings was very progressive for its time and Tolkien singlehandedly made up many of the nowadays fantasy tropes. And Harry Potter and A Song of Ice and Fire are so much more than 'revenge and war stories'.

And yes for feeding goodberry pie to Boo for approval.

Can you make a pie? You only get 10 per day. And I always thought they were kinda small, you know like berries, otherwise they'd be a pain to carry around.

But they would be big enough for Boo, I'm sure.

BeeBee :great post, I totally agree. But petting Abdirak might be painful...

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