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And, it is quite disgusting how you try to just put some of the greatest stories with so many details, unique universes and characters to narrow "duh they are just old revenge and war" label, in mere disrespect... "set in a completely ultra conservative world"

You completely misunderstood my point. To note that the large majority of bestsellers share common elements is not 'disrespectful' at all. It's simply an observation, without any kind of judgement.

And you can be sure that I like Lord of the Rings & Pride and Prejudice. Precisely because Aragorn is a hunk and Galadriel is cute.

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Really? This is official 2020 Game of the Year... while Ghost of Tsushima, for example, is not.

I'm pretty sure there are internal sales figures which precisely note how much more successful the game could have been if Joel was still alive. And I'm pretty sure the designers of Life is Strange 2 are sulking and blaming the players for their failure. As for Vampire Bloodlines, we'll have to wait and see.