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By the way, I just wrote a feedback directly to WotC.
Sounds like a good idea.

Even if Larian insists on their innovations, it would be nice if there were an optional D&D 5e mode, especially in light of it supposedly being a D&D 5e based game.

HELL yes!!!! Hoping *SO* much for that!!!!!!

The ideal order of business would be to get the game working properly first using 5E mechanics as written, then any Larianisms they implement to ‘improve’ D&D can be bundled into an option that you can leave on or turn off. Then the EA community could truly test which is more fun and provide definitive feedback.

There is no way Larian is going to basically develop 2 sets of game rules to satisfy some ideal that they should. I mean that is just expecting too much. That sort of thing is what mods are for. If you are not happy with Larian's translation of 5e, you can always build a mod to suit your needs, or wait for someone to do it. Not to mention again, that they never stated it was going to be a 100% accurate translation of 5e rules, they stated from the beginning, that is was BASED on 5e. Game companies are generally very specific in their wording, that leaves them a level of control for artistic interpretation.

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