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Chaotic Good; you are currently skating on the thin ice of a final warning, as well as drawing unwelcome attention to yourself for your comments upthread.

If you wish to remain part of these forums, I suggest you dial back the aggression and offensive insinuations.
How so? Where did you see "aggression"? What "offensive" insinuations? Be more precise. So I would understand what exactly you mean, and wouldn't use such wording again on this forum.
And how it can be "final warning" if there was no "warning" at all. Interesting policy.

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And you can be sure that I like Lord of the Rings ... because Aragorn is a hunk and Galadriel is cute.
Ahahah, alright then. I like the LotR universe for great and beautiful world-building, great characters and great story, but, you can like it for anything you like. Cheers.

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About the mentioned books: Lord of the rings was very progressive for its time and Tolkien singlehandedly made up many of the nowadays fantasy tropes. And Harry Potter and A Song of Ice and Fire are so much more than 'revenge and war stories'.

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