Well tbh i would be okay with small options like making some questionable bonus actions to main actions, and making jump less radical in distance (and remove disengage from it), change high advantage and backstab by toggles... small stuff like that no need to be 2 Completely different set of rules with huge Ui and design changes. Im not saying it would not be work, but i think it would worth it for the company as well and i think an AAA priced faithful to dnd game should give us something like that at least, tweaks, these can change the feel of gameplay quite much and open the game for much more players. A lot of smaller rpgs give us options like this. Im not asking for these because the rules are not dnd but these changes they made did not make the game more fun to me (i feel the contrary). I know there are mods but come on, mods are not every time getting updated with the game or mods i would need sometimes clash with each other so i like to play at least the first 2-3 playthroughs without them. This is still EA so im hoping they are listening

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