1birthday[PALADIN SUBCLASS]:Oath of the storm sub class (my all time favorite paladin)
(as well as tempest cleric)

2birthday[Cleric: consequences for falling short of of the religion as well as rewards for going over and beyond for said diety
3 birthday More work done on the lolth clerics and domains so that drow can be roleplayed more accurately
4birthday The option to enslave some major characters with the rope items through out the world after knocking them out and possibly selling them to certian evil merchants like the zhentarum & roah (Slavery is a big part of D&D)
5 birthday I dont think we should just be able to just save, teleport and long rest at any time seems kinda cheap and game breaking
6birthday An achievement for those of us who can get to baldurs gate and get tadpol removed without taking a long rest (I got to the end of early access without long resting once i figured out the game weird
7 birthday A list of actual difficult achievements on steam
[Example] Removing tadpole in less then 7 days////Perma death restricted saves mode/////besting every boss etc(I would like bragging rights that i 100% the game)

8:More blood, gore, and viscera

9 birthday Post game content and DLC thankyou
P.S im quick to reply if ideas or clarification is needed ive dissected this game inside n out smile

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