1[PALADIN SUBCLASS]:Oath of the storm sub class (my all time favorite paladin) https://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Oath_of_the_Storm_(5e_Subclass)

2[Cleric: consequences for falling short of of the religion as well as rewards for going over and beyond for said diety

3 More work done on the lolth clerics and domains so that drow can be roleplayed more accurately

4: The option to enslave some major characters with the rope items through out the world after knocking them out and possibly selling them to certian evil merchants like the zhentarum & roah (Slavery is a big part of D&D)

5 : I dont think we should just be able to just save, teleport and long rest at any time seems kinda cheap and game breaking

6: An achievement for those of us who can get to baldurs gate and get tadpol removed without taking a long rest (I got to the end of early access without long resting once i figured out the game weird

7 : A list of actual difficult achievements on steam
[Example] Removing tadpole in less then 7 days////Perma death restricted saves mode/////besting every boss etc(I would like bragging rights that i 100% the game)

8:More blood, gore, and viscera

9 : Post game content and DLC

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