Um, might just be because I'm on my phone but why all the flashing Happy Birthday emotes?

1) That subclass likely won't be added I think because it's homebrew and not from supplements.

2) For holy classes, diety should be a little more impactful, even just for dialogue.

3) Not sure what to add for roleplay other than people making comments?

4) As screwed up as Slavery is, it would really fit in an Evil playthrough. It should, however, have consequences like making enemies of good aligned factions. Also we should be allowed to Capture some characters for plot reasons, like Minthara.

5) General consensus is that the current system is not good and needs some kind of restrictions.

6) Achievements will likely be something at the far end of development, but that would likely have one.

7) Same as 6.

8) For some yes, should be an option though so people can have the experience they want (None, Low/Normal, Bloody)

9) I'd rather that not be planned out until the game itself is done, also I'd rather they not hold out on classes or races just for dlc. If we get dlc I think it should be genuine expansions with a side quest campaign with new companions and items in a setting Canon to faerun but outside of the normal realm, like the city of brass.