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Nothing too big that's out of the realm of possibilities and even stuff we already know they will probably add at one point but you are eager to play around with

Here is my list:
Feats: War Caster, Resilient
Subclasses: Tempest Cleric
Spells: Spiritual Weapon, Booming Blade
Subraces: Githzerai (Or any other +2 wisdom race/subrace [I really want firbolg but I know it's not gonna happend])

What's on your wishlist?

(1) Sorcerer class
(2) Philosophical plot about how to organize a society or resolve conflicts, not just the old 'overlord seeks world domination'.
(3) Species and races which are *widely* different. Different cultures, different looks. Give me evil Drow, nice Angels. Discuss why their societies fail or work well. Don't take sides, let the players decide.
(4) Don't try to 'educate' the players. Don't tell me what to believe or how to act.
(5) Create a world where people like to 'live' in, relax and kick back. Like Skyrim. Have a small fisher's village to stop by and rest. Have a little bog with an old hag (*not* Ethel) who serves you tea.