Just a little feeback about my *personal* thoughts regarding the current romance options.

Female romance options:


Typical 'strong warrior woman' archetype. Works well enough. She is obviously not very good looking/attractive, but you can ignore that and it fits the archetype. Her evilness or ruthlessness is however not played very straight - her arrogance should of course prevent a romance if you are not Gith yourself. Even befriending her should only be possible if you act competent and ruthless.


I would expect her character to act much more secretive and clever. She should try to pass herself off as harmless. Right now, she is basically telling you: "I have a big secret, try to find out!". And the next moment, she tells you not to pry. That apparently rubs many players in the wrong way and antagonizes them.

In fact, it should be difficult to find out about her. She could even be a 'secret' romance option you can only woo if you pass certain checks and own certain items.

By the way, also please consider including at least some 'normal' characters. Just a 'normal' hunter, a 'normal' merchant etc. - someone who does *not* have a big secret.

Male romance options:


Ugh, I immediately rejected him - for the simple reason that he tried to attack me and is obviously a sleazebag. The only reason I took him along was because of game mechanics: I needed a rogue and he was the only one available.

Again, the 'Vampire' backstory is told far too early, too obvious and too forced. A vampire should act secretive. You should maybe find out in the third or fourth act.


Maybe the only one who was halfway acceptable. The scene where he watches himself as mirror image was slightly funny and fits the character. Again, the entire background story with the weave and consuming artifacts feels a little deliberate. Why not just have an arrogant mage? Not *every* character in your party needs to have a big secret. Some of these people might just be normal. Normal people can be interesting.


Didn't play much with him, my party was already full. So I can't say much about it.


Altogether: 'Special' characters with a big secret can only shine if they are presented in contrast with 'normal' people. Lae'zel is right now the most 'normal' character of the bunch - apart from being a Gith. Shadowheart should be more secretive, it should be *difficult* to find out about her - maybe even make her a secret romance option. The same is true for Astarion.

Gale and Wyll would, in my very personal opinion, be *more* interesting if they were just normal. If Wyll were just a normal ranger fighting to protect the woods of his home I would actually like him *more*. If Gale would just be a narcissistic mage without any special backstory, he would be *more* relatable.

All that is of course my own opinion and other people might have completely different tastes.