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BG1&2 wasn't exactly what I'd call "very faithful" to AD&D, but relative to BG3/D&D5e, they certainly were. If you played DOS2, more than playing a faithful D&D rendition, with BG3 EA you are likely to feel like you are playing DOS2/3 with a good D&D5e themed mod. Don't expect faithful implementations as Larian's paramount concern is making a fun game. The subjective interpretation of fun is heavily skewed in favor of DOS-style of silly fun though...with not so much regard for immersion breaking or balance breaking aspects.

Embrace the cheese, or you will have a hard time of this.
Thank you for your reply.
When I read the other interventions and see streams on BG3, it comforts me in the idea that this game is like chocolate flavored cake and not like real chocolate cake.

It reminds me of a recent comment that said BG3 was to D&D5 what vinegar is to wine.

I imagine that it will be able to give pleasure to a lot of players but for a fan of D&D and who wants to make a D&D game - like BG1 and BG2 did - it seems to me much more complicated with this DOS3.